HALK is a Mexican American born July 30, 1993 in South El Monte and grew up in Rialto CA.

Raised by a mother who loves music and sang every Sunday morning and a father who loved music as well and is a DJ & sound installer.

Music was a way to escape reality and free himself by just singing a tune or simply remaking a verse of a record to fit a current situation. HALK received a hip hop cassette tape, the "Marshal Mathers LP", that led him to research the starters and legends of hip hop culture with expression. HALK grew a love for graffiti and was fined thousands of dollars for what the world has grown to know I love and recognize as art.

In high school, HALK wrote verses and turned the art into art after job to job. In 2015, HALK crossed paths with co-founder of Sweat Shop Recordings and Demolition Men Productions, Mad Man Smooth who shared the same goals and vision as himself. With His debut album in process, HALK is a new upcoming and striving artist who is growing with a lot of ambition and talent with a focused solid and stable team "nothing can knock us down, no jenga!"

DMP has opened a lot of closed doors. His team is his family, same mind set, same mission same dream!



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Mad Man Smooth - Autonomous: Chapter IV

Halk - S3V3N/30

Mad Man Smooth - Autonomous - Chapter I (2019)

Halk - Sprout

Mad Man Smooth - The Soft Legs Projekt