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Ivan Clay - Artist

Ivan Clay is the Urban Jazz side of Tony AFX, the main producer of Demolition Men Productions. Ivan Clay was "born" while Tony AFX played with the idea of doing a instrumental only album to display his talents as a self taught keyboardist. As each song was completed, it became apparent that his natural gift was jazz. Being that he also writes other styles, he incorporated those styles into his jazz repertoire. At that point, Tony AFX felt that he needed to separate his jazz and producer personas to be taken more seriously in the jazz world. So, as a jazz artist, the use of his middle and last name was chosen. The term "Urban Jazz" can be used to describe the feel and flavor of Ivan Clay's songs. "I know that some people may not understand what I mean when I call my style of jazz "Urban Jazz". Simply, it is hip hop/rap beats with jazz music and melodies played on top. It's like some of the songs I hear on 94.7FM The Wave (KTWV). But, with a little more street edge.", says Ivan Clay. "Jazz is something that I have loved my whole life and is some of the best music I have been exposed to growing up. I have listened to music from Duke Ellington and Miles Davis to Dave Koz and The Rippingtons. Jazz has changed over the years and now incorporates a wide range of feel and flavor. So, I am trying to blend in with that.", says Ivan Clay.

Ivan Clay plans to establish the validity of making music that has feelings as well as show that talent can go a long way.


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