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Mr. Doja - Hip Hop Artist

Mr.Doja aka Dub Sak was born in Inkster, Michigan, a small suburb of Detroit. Transplanted to the west coast at a young age, Pomona (known as "The Land") became home. Mr. Doja states, "I was bred in these P-Town streets. They taught me how to survive. Popz wasn't around. So the streets took his place. His loss, not mine." Dub's interest in music was sparked from the whole break dancing era. His love for words goes back even further, as he has always been an avid reader. "I guess around high school I truly learned of the power of words. To be able to heal or hurt with words alone was appealing to me. The gift of being able to vividly recreate a scenario and put a listener in the passenger's seat was and still is a rush for me."

In 1988-89 Mr Doja was introduced to Mad Man Smooth through a mutual friend. "I had wrote my 1st rap with my dogg D.V.S. during a class we had together. I thought it was cool. But D.V.S. ( Ministry) was like "Man, you gotta bust that for the homiez." He took me by Smooth's and I flowed for him and like 3 other cats. They liked my material and I became part of Pomona'z Insane Empire (P.I.E.). Surrounded by a vast assortment of tight lyricists, Mr Doja began to evolve his style. "My delivery has always been one of my strong points. I've spent the majority of my time trying to work on my lyrical content. To spit lyrics that will make the listener rewind like "Damn, did you hear what he said?"

"My style is's like the track speaks to me. One of the hardest questions posed to me has been "What style is your music?" Not as easy to answer as one may think. See, music is an expression of the soul or mood. I write what I feel. If I'm angry at the time, hard lyrics come out. My goal is to be universal. True music. To make songs that even anti-rap activists hate to love. I'm a true artist and what's most important to an artist is to be heard."

Mr. Doja has performed in clubs, at shows, house parties, and talent shows. Record deals have come. But, an understanding of the business aspects prevented Mr. Doja from "selling his soul for a jelly roll" as he puts it. "I got "Da' Remedy" for the musick industry," Mr. Doja states. "Don't believe it, check the stats!"


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