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Yoki Gold (Menace aka Young Terrific) - Artist

Yoki Gold's (Menace aka Young Terrific) artistic content increases his life points to damage the Industry crucially. Born in Montana, he was raised from parts of the east coast to the southern parts of California. Since 1998, he's still working on his craft of developing a crisp style. Intrigued by Tupac, The Outlawz's Regime, and Tech Nine, music burrowed into his heart and soul through his older brother FirstBorn, who back in the day ran with the Savages: Young Dawn, Tantrum the Mercenary and M.C.E. Yoki then began writing music as a member of the Savage Committee. Approximately one year later he sub-sided with Triple Play Management, where he met his manager Big Cedric. He booked home studio time and recorded a small portion of product.

After seven solid years of self-improvement, Yoki' accidentally ran across Mad Man Smooth and Sweat Shop Recordings. Losing all hope once before, he refused to let an opportunity like this pass him up. He promised himself that he would be heard one way or another. It's been a struggle but business is being conducted and progress is walking.

His debut EP, "Gravel Foundation" was released in 2005 and the jump off point of his recording career. Future plans hold a spiritual album.


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